20 Jun

Here at The Rumpus Room we help children see themselves as global citizens with responsibilities to help look after the planet God created, therefore sustainability of all resources is important as we explore, enjoy and care for the environment. We engage the children in actively growing food for the service and aim to produce 10% of our consumption.

At our Darling Street centre Mr David with the help of our children has implemented an innovative method for growing carrots. 

The bathtub has a drainage system that encourages the carrots to grow down to reach the water that pools in the bottom of the tub and the seeds planted in May have started to sprout. 
The carrots will take about 12 weeks to grow and  mature. 

We have already had plentiful pumpkin, snow pea, corn, strawberry and tomato harvests this year and are looking forward to our first carrot crop. 

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