07 Mar

Gardens and Grounds

Our gardens at Darling Street are starting to get nicely established. We are working towards developing a range of green regions around the playground. As you can see, our lush tropical forest is starting to get some fresh growth after all the recent rain. It won’t be too long before we’ll see some lovely tall tropical trees and palms amongst the lush strelizia. Our Bangalow Palms have established and should start to shoot up soon. We have a lovely Red Cedar in the back corner, and one of my all-time favourites, a beautiful Poinciana shooting up.

Imagine the lovely spreading branches of a mature Poinciana with its lush red flowers.

 Poinciana on the way up 

Bangalow palms starting to emerge

The flowering dietes are giving the children a wonderful experience of nature’s colour and beauty. Have a look for this lovely variety next time you’re in.

The children are surrounded by splashes of green and colour around the grounds. We have chosen some of the more hardy species of flowering plants, but there are also garden beds of sunflowers and petunias.

We want the outdoor environment to be a constantly evolving landscape of plants, flowers and shrubs that the children can appreciate and interact with.

Dietes garden

Our mud kitchen is becoming nestled into a fast-growing garden of Australian Native trees and shrubs. It won’t be long before we have a small forest of stringy bark, casuarina and wattle for the children to play in. To adults it is a small forest, but to the children it will be remembered as a giant forest!


The mud kitchen has a rain-fed tank that only runs after decent rain but it teaches the children the importance of water conservation!

The drain from the sink also feeds the water plants in the concrete tub.

Many hours of fun are enjoyed in the mud kitchen corner.

Aussie native plants starting to shoot up



The citrus orchard has also started to flourish and we have our first young oranges appearing. Jess and Claire have replanted the garden beds so keep a look out for new veggies and flowers.


Our pine trees are also well-established and shooting up creating our cottage in the pine forest!