07 Mar

To new and existing families of the nursery, welcome to our room!

The wild rumpus has started for 2016 and we are all settling in nicely.

This month our goals have been to develop community and friendly interactions for children to engage and play with each other as we start the year off with new faces.

All of the educators in the nursery enjoy creating a nurturing environment with friendships that encourage learning. Our first artwork of the year was recording each child’s hand and foot prints to hang in the room and no doubt we are eager to watch our children grow over the year!

In our room we will be focussing on sensory experiences, although children respond differently to sensory experiences, they can be therapeutic, improve motor skills, raise awareness of how the world around us, and contribute to developing language.

It has been lovely getting to know families and especially children who are a part of our nursery, we are looking forward to the year ahead!

Cherie, Dani & Ellie