21 May

We have welcomed  new babies into our nursery recently and they all are settling in nicely into the centre and are enjoying exploring the room and our beautiful outdoor environment.

The children have really enjoyed many of our natural resources we have in the room, textured baskets and bags, natural wooden branches and shells as well as our homemade sensory bottles that are very calming for unsettled babies.
Colour recognition has been of interest with some of the children pointing to colours and trying to say what they are or us asking the children “where’s the red one?” and them being able to point to it. We also incorporate this into songs, finger rhymes and stories which the children find easier to relate to therefore understanding the concepts.

The children have been very involved in helping establish our outdoor gardens, planting, watering, harvesting and also enjoy eating fresh salads and vegetables at morning and afternoon tea time.

For Easter we simply explained the meaning behind Easter, with children having the opportunity to paint Easter pictures and also make a lovely gift to take home.

Please feel free to come and speak to any of the nursery staff if you have any questions or concerns regarding your children.

Sam, Em and Dani x