02 Sep

This month in the nursery we have been very active, lots of learning has been been taking place.

Many of the children have had an interest in cooking while playing in the sandpit, so as an extension of this we have been doing some real cooking experience with the children which they have enjoyed – especially the tasting part, first we made pancakes and then later in the month we made mini pizzas.

To continue trying to achieve some sustainability in the nursery our art work this month has been using natural tree foliage and recycled items that you would usually throw away. The children enjoyed creating their master pieces and independently selecting what they wished to use.

We have begun making our Father’s Day gifts to give to dad – so we are all very excited about that, we are going to make paper weights using rocks collected from the rocks pools at Merewether – keep an eye out for these beautiful pieces in your child’s bag.

Other news in that we have a new staff member in the Nursery – Danielle, she is our new Trainee and Barrista. Danielle will commence her day at 7:30am ready to make your morning coffee and then come into our nursery at about 9:30am to help in the room and get to know the children and their routines.

Always remember if you have any questions regarding your child’s care to come and talk to Sam or Em as we are here to help and assist and build meaningful relationships with not only your children but their family’s as well.

Thanks Sam, Em and Danielle x

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