19 Nov

Well it’s almost the end of the year and what a great year it has been here at The Rumpus a Room, we can’t believe how quickly the year has flown and how much our babies have grown – they are no longer babies any more but well adjust near toddlers, with many of them ready to move up to the Mischief Mountain Room.

It was a very special when we got to invite a “Special Person” in our lives to come for morning tea and have a play with us outside, it was a great turn out with Aunties, Uncles, Friends and Grandparents coming to join their special little friends.

The children have been doing foot stamping of the toy dinosaurs which has been a great interest of theirs, so to extend on this we painted their own feet and have them walk on paper – this was a great sensory experience for them to feel the paint on their feet and squish it between their toes, some children at first didn’t like the feeling and wanted it washed off, while others got use to it.

In the nursery we have been busy getting our Christmas Gifts made to give to our parents – this year we are making salt dough ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree. The children were involved in mixing the salt dough and then moulding it into different shapes, we then dried it out in the oven and the children painted the shapes in the colour of their choosing. We have also all enjoyed dressing up in different Christmas hats and having our photos taken – keep a look out for these gifts in your child’s bag.

Please keep in mind that if you at any stage have any concerns about how your child’s going in their development or how they are settling in the room to never hesitate to come and talk to either Sam or Emily in the Nursery Room.

Thanks, Sam, Em and Dani x


View a few pictures here:


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