15 Oct

Well “Spring has Sprung” and how beautiful has it been, the weather has warmed up and the children in the nursery are able to go outside more, enjoying the beautiful sunshine. In the nursery we have been talking to the children about what the season Spring is about and how this is the time we will see lots of
beautiful flowers popping up everywhere. So we decided to do lots of painting and craft to represent that, you
will see in our room the children’s beautiful artwork displayed on the walls and also hanging from the ceiling.

It’s been lovely to spend more time outside where the children have been exploring and investigating their surrounding, roaming in the garden and perfecting their climbing and balancing skills.
At the rumpus room we also have recently had crazy hair week, many of our staff and children participate and it was lovely to see so many weird and wonderful hairstyles.

Our new trainee/barista, Danielle, has settled in well to the nursery getting to know the children, spending quality time interacting with them and forming beautiful relationships with our bubs.

This month we have been working on our fine motor skills and colours, to extend on this we have had the small tongs out for the children to collect items and try to pinch them together to sort out the coloured
pom poms into the coloured containers, the children have enjoyed this experience going back to it over and over.

Lastly please remember to pack an extra set of clothes suitable for warmer weather, a hat as well a coat in case the weather catches us off guard and when you drop off your child in the morning to apply suncream to them.

Thanks for a great month and feel free to come and speak to Sam, Emily or Danielle if you have any questions or concerns.

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