02 Sep

Hello from us all in Mischief Mountain,

There has been lots going on in our room, with some of our friends from the Nursery joining us as well as some brand new friends. We are very excited to have Emily join our room. This has been great great in helping with the transition of our new children from the Nursery. Hayley has joined the Nursery team, but we will still get to see and play with her during outside play time.

We have lots of friends in Mischief Mountain who have recently had baby siblings born. We also have some friends with baby siblings on the way! We have had a babies dramatic play area set up. We have also been reading books about new babies. This is has been good for facilitating the children in their upcoming journey of being a big brother or sister.

Our friend Griffin has been showing a lot of interest in space and meteorites, so we have all been talking about space. We have recently created a space interest area. The children also created their very own meteorites, using mashed potato and cheese. This was a great sensory experience for the children!

Book week has been great! Lots of our friends have come as their favourite book characters. The children also enjoyed sharing their favourite books, and listening to them at group time with their friends.

We have recently begun spending time in three groups. The children have meal time, group time, and rest time in their small group. Each Educator is designated a small group. We have found this to be great for spending more quality time with the children. It has also been great for rest time. The children who become more tired earlier can have lunch, and settle in a calmer environment. Also the children who don’t have a sleep can spend more time playing and have a shorter rest.

As we have approached spring and the weather is warming up, please ensure to pack a wide brimmed hat for your child.

We understand how busy you are, and how drop off time can be rushed sometimes. We have recently created a system where your child’s locker tag will be in a locker on arrival. Please place your child’s bag in the correct locker.
Finally, if you have any queries about your child’s development, feel free to have a chat with us. We would be more than happy to answer any questions.

Kind Regards,
Bonnie, Emily and Ali:)