Welcome to The Rumpus Room

The home of imagination in early childhood!

The first five years of life are some of the most crucial years in the development of a child’s values, behaviour, intellect and imagination. The mind is ready to absorb the kaleidoscope of new experiences, sounds, images, ideas and skills. The world is advocating more than ever the benefits of formal early childhood learning and discovery as a valuable asset in preparing a child for school.

At The Rumpus Room, we believe that a children’s centre should support all the essential values of the home, and provide the additional benefits of socialisation and more formal learning from trained staff. We are founded on a Christian philosophy, believing that children are deeply loved by God and have an intrinsic desire to know Him.

We highly value the imagination of a child and want to give children as many opportunities to be wild in their imaginations. This will have its expression in story-telling, in artwork, in music composition and in creative play. Children will be encouraged to use their imaginations to create adventure, to explore their world and to make great friends through effective group activities and play.

We hope we get to share some of your child’s most formative years.

Our Mission

The mission of The Rumpus Room Children’s Centres is to create and continuously improve centres that delight children, impress parents and inspire staff

Our Vision

To design and develop a number of high quality children’s centres that appeal primarily to a professional clientele because of our attention to quality design, value-added service, art and outdoor education, staff beliefs and values and professional knowledge and practice.

Our Core Values

1.     Christian principles

2.     Excellence

3.     Generosity

4.     Quality environments

5.     Harmony in relationships

6.     Happy and engaged children

7.     Imagination and innovation

8.     Optimum customer service

9.     Inspired staff

10.   Sustainability

Our Policies

Our polices are available at each centre, or online. For access to the policies please speak with the centre director or email admin@therumpusroom.com.au.

Our Philosophy

At The Rumpus Room we believe that children develop best in an atmosphere of love, acceptance and fun. We believe in creating environments that are intrinsically stimulating and engaging so that our children have sufficiently challenging and motivating activities every day. We believe that well-prepared, interesting and age-appropriate programs foster spontaneous engagement from children, focusing their attention on positive activities that encourage learning and minimise distraction or disruption.

We are great believers in the critical importance of the environment in creating an atmosphere conducive to spontaneous and planned learning. We are very particular about the careful use of colour, music, furnishings, lighting, pictures and other images to create indoor and outdoor spaces that evoke desirable emotions. We primarily want to create an atmosphere that enables each child to feel relaxed, safe, energised and engaged.

Read the full Centre Philosophy here.

”I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting your service and observing the practices on display. Your service has impressed me on many levels, but particularly in relation to the interactions of your educators with the children and the families. During my visits, I have witnessed your educators show incredible respect while promoting thinking and concept development in a highly supportive environment in which the wellbeing and emotional needs of each child seem to have been privileged. Thank you for the welcome you extended and the professionalism with which I have been treated. It has been much appreciated.”

Judith Skerritt

Teacher Early Childhood

Health, Wellbeing & Community Services