10 Mar

Chatham Street Outdoor News

I am very excited to have commenced in my new role as Outdoor Educator. This is a new role for the Rumpus Room and quite unique in the Early Childhood Industry, with only a handful of other services across the state investing in the position. My role is full time and sees me responsible for the Outdoor Programme. The Outdoor Curriculum incorporates all areas of child development, however there are three main focus areas: Physical Education; Environmental Education and Art.

The weekly written programme can be viewed on the wall between the main foyer door and the Tumbling Tides bathroom. Here you can see the variety of experiences planned for the week and the focus of each eg. motor skill development; respect for nature. You may also notice a laminated document for ‘next week’s programme’. On this document the staff record what the children have most enjoyed or requested, and suggestions for the following week’s programme. We would also love to hear from families, so if you have a comment or idea that you would like to include for consideration, please see a member of staff. We always love your input!  If you haven’t yet found it, the Outdoor Day Book is placed in the foyer next to the sign on area each day and provides photos and information about some of the many outdoor happenings.

Just two weeks into our outdoor programme and our first little project: ‘The Dinosaur Garden’ (inspired by children’s interest) is well under way. You may have also noticed the children developing their creativity and design skills with some of the ‘loose parts’ (eg. buckets, tyres, pots, tubes and crates) about the place. These open-ended resources provide unlimited opportunities for children to use their imagination. So far these items have been used to create ‘towers’, ‘cages’, ‘telephones’, ‘volcanoes’ and of course- ‘dinosaurs’!

Our art experiences so far have been inspired by the children’s book : ‘The Dot’ and Aboriginal Dot Art. We are all looking forward to works commencing on our new outdoor art studio!

One of our upcoming science projects is the construction of a ‘water wall’. We are in the process of collecting some suitable tubing, pipes and containers which can be mounted to the wall to create a system for children to pour and watch water flow through.

Looking forward to sharing more news about your child’s participation in our developing outdoor environment. Please come and say hello.


Lenora Newcombe