Partnering with Parents to Encourage Their Children’s Imaginations

‘With a strong sense of imagination and creativity, children will become confident problem solvers with abilities above average. Imagination and creativity can be nurtured at home—in fact it is the best place to start. Both adults and children will benefit from the experience, especially if it is playful and with a sense of fun and good humour.’ Lyn Bower

The Rumpus Room is all about encouraging children to use their imaginations. We want to partner with parents in helping their children maximise their wonderful imaginations.

‘When young children use their imaginations in play, they are more creative, perform better at school tasks, and develop a problem-solving approach to learning. Educating a child’s imagination is therefore an important way to prepare children for the future’. ( Isenberg & Jalongo ,2001)

We place a very high value on activities that require children to engage in imaginative thinking. We hope that together we will discover the depth and breadth of your child’s world of imagination. Watch out for our regular tips and ideas on what parents can do to help build wild imagination in your child. As our slogan at Rumpus says: Let your imagination run wild!

We understand that parenting can be a daunting task and it can be hard to know which advice to listen to. Focus on the Family have collated a library of articles which you may find helpful along the journey. 

You can also access and find all local support services here.

A few things to keep in mind as you prepare your child to for their first day at The Rumpus Room:

Personal Property

All property should be clearly marked with your child’s name. Washable play clothes that your child can manage by him/herself are most suitable. Please include an extra set of clothing in your child’s bag in case of accidents, wet or soiled clothes from water, sand or dirt play. The Centre is not responsible for the damage to or loss of personal property.


Each term every child will have the opportunity to bring in a few items for Show and Tell. A show and tell roster is issued at the start of each term. This helps the teachers to learn more about the children and it develops the children’s confidence in speaking in front of a small group and answering questions.

We ask that toys are only brought in on these rostered days to prevent toys from being broken or causing issues between children.


We love to celebrate birthdays with the children. If you would like to help us celebrate your child’s birthday, please bring in a cake that can be easily cut for the number of children in the room. Cupcakes are a simpler option. Birthdays are usually celebrated after lunch for the older rooms,  however this is flexible if you would like to attend and can be done after  morning tea.

Notices / Newsletters

It is important to keep the communication open and everybody informed at the preschool.Email and “Storypark” are the regular means of communication. There is also a newsletter that will be emailed to you twice a term. A printed copy will be kept in the sign-in book.


Good nutrition is very important to children and our centre encourages this by requesting that families provide healthy food for the child during the day. Families supply lunch while the centre supplies morning and afternoon tea for the day. The following is some suggestions of healthy food for your child to bring.  These foods are in line with the Munch and Move Healthy Eating program


Sandwich, salad and veggie sticks, biscuits and cheese, fruit and baked beans. Please provide a good amount of food for your child.

Please note that due to children with severe allergies The Rumpus Room is strictly a Nut Free Zone.

Photo Policy

The Rumpus Room may use images of children to recognise achievements, communicate with parents and the community, to publicise events and promote the centre.

We will seek your permission for use of Photographs.

For the rest of the article on imagination by Lyn Bower, click here.