19 Nov

Over the past month in the Rumpus Kings we have been involved in a range of projects, interests and lots of learning through play.

We have been exploring emotions further, talking about different feelings and how to manage our emotions when we feel angry or sad, through stories, discussions, emotion games  and craft we have explored feeling words where we practised writing them, discussed different scenarios from stories, and talked about some ways to express our feelings of frustration and anger.

We have now finished our letter land program but are still continuing to revise the letter sounds and we’re enjoying listening to our favourite letterland songs at free play. School readiness group has been focused on number recognition and counting; through games, number ordering activities, number card groups, and number activities set up during free play the children have demonstrated an appreciation and understanding of numbers.

Currently we are learning about “under the ocean” there has  been a large amount of interest in going to the beach, we have been talking about safety on the beach and in water, looking after our beach/sea life, where sand comes from,  and exploring all the different sea life under the ocean. The children have enjoyed a lot of creative craft, making sea creatures and transforming the corner of our room into an

It is almost the end of the year, we are going to Miss all the Rumpus king children going off to big school next year, it is very exciting though! If you have any concerns or questions regarding the transition to school please do not hesitate to talk to the Rumpus king Staff.

We look forward to seeing all the Rumpus Room families at the Christmas party please add your name to the Christmas attendance list next to the sign in rolls 🙂

Miss Claire, Miss Maeghan and Miss Jess

View some of our pictures here:


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