15 Oct

Over the last month in the Rumpus Kings Room, we have been learning the rest of our letters from Letter land, we have now finished all of our letters and have been revising them and also learning how some letters when joined with another letter make different sounds.

We have had Crazy hair Week, Wacky Wardrobe Day and Teddy Bears Picnic. The Teddy Bears Picnic was so much fun, with Teddy Bear Toast and having our Teddy’s with us all day long!

We have loved the spring weather, the Rumpus Kings had a discussion about spring, we know that in Spring time, it’s sunny, the flowers start to grow and animals start to have their babies.

In our room we have made some spring flowers with bits and pieces stuck on some contact.

Another exciting time was getting our chickens! We love to watch them throughout the day. Their names are Scratchy, Fluffy and Betty, we look forward to watching them grow bigger and hopefully laying some eggs!


Miss Claire, Miss Maeghan and Miss Jess


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