Lea & Richard Rule

Our dream has always been to develop learning centres of beauty and excellence. To create an environment focused around children in their formative years, where each day brings learning experiences through self-discovery and shared adventures. Places children can’t wait to come to each day because they cater for all their interests and needs, from babies through to school transition.

We have worked in early childhood for well over 30 years, and continue to advocate for excellence in the industry, always striving to innovate and improve the service we offer to children and their families.

Ella de la Motte

Nominated Supervisor/Director

Suzanne Sutherland


Stephanie Rummery

Parent Liaison

Lara Mackenzie

Parent Liasion

Sharelle Winters

Let The Wild Rumpus Start - Room Leader

Mallory Holmes

Mischief Mountain - Room Leader

Erin Quibell

Tumbling Tides

Celia Caldwell

The Rumpus Kings - Room Leader

Danielle Gilchrist

Mischief Mountain - Assistant

Alice Budden

Tumbling Tides - Assistant

Brooke McKee

The Rumpus Kings - Assistant

Emily Houlahan

Floating Assistant

David Sutherland

Outdoor Educator

Manami Cook

Let The Wild Rumpus Start - Trainee

Talicia Vinnicombe

Let The Wild Rumpus Start - Trainee

Brydie Moore

Mischief Mountain - Trainee

Daniel Grimmond


Alex Hilberts


Lee-Anne Corrigan

Art Educator

Bree Mahoney

Let The Wild Rumpus Start

Mikaela Robertson

Mischief Mountain - Room Leader

Niki Moodie

Tumbling Tides - Room Leader

Leah Carr

The Rumpus Kings

Erin Grennwood

The Rumpus Kings

David Fotu

Floating Educator

Tayla Hejduk

Mischief Mountain

Gareth Owen

Floating Educator

Yingying Li

Floating Educator

Felicia Bridge

Outdoor Educator

Diarna Sceresini