22 May

The value of connecting children to the natural environment cannot be overestimated. Here at The Rumpus Room we keenly promote Sustainability Learning through our education program and daily routines and practices.

What began as a scheme to conserve water has blossomed into an education program of targeting environmental sustainability more generally.

What have we achieved so far?

  • A rainwater tank has been installed. As well as conserving water, the tank visibly connects the children, in a practical way to the notion of respecting this precious resource.
  • A worm farm has been established. The children have really enjoyed holding and touching the worms. They have learned worms produce rich nutrients and natural fertilizers that can be used on The Rumpus Room’s garden.
  • An outdoor music centre has been installed, using all recycled materials. The pallet came from a worksite and with a bit of tender loving care, has become the backbone of the music centre. The children have had a wonderful time tapping and hitting the items to make sounds.
  • Signage has been implemented throughout the Rumpus Room to inform and remind the children and staff of sustainable practices.