The Rumpus Room has four dedicated children’s rooms. Each room will follow the Early Years Learning Framework with themes of belonging, being and becoming being embedded in the curriculum.


The Nursery – for 0 to 2 years

We have 9 baby places, creating a cosy nursery with two full-time and one part-time staff.



2 year-old room

We have 15 places for our 2 year-olds with a specially designed program just for our gorgeous Twos. We have two full-time and one part-time staff member dedicated to getting to know and to providing the very best environment and program for this delightful group.



3 year-old room

We have 20 places in our 3 year-old room. As the children grow they develop the ability and need to interact with a bigger group and to require a more challenging indoor and outdoor program. With two full-time and one part-time experienced and trained staff members, this room is tailored to give children the opportunity to really develop their imaginations. This is achieved with an excellent program of indoor and outdoor experiences that encourage children to experiment and explore.



4 year-old room

We also have 20 places in the 4 year-old room. This is the Preschool Room with a fully-functioning preschool and transition to school program for those going to school the following year. This room aims to achieve a zenith in the children’s imagination development. The programs are designed to foster creative and imaginative thinking, building strong foundations not only for school, but for life.

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