10 Mar

The Rumpus Kings News

It’s been a busy start to the year with lots of new friends starting in our room and adding a new teacher to our group. Miss Lenora has a moved to outside but continues to be an important member of our group, planning and guiding the outdoor curriculum.

We now have a mix of age groups in our room from children who have just turned 3 to those who are turning 5. In my experience, this is a positive thing as it gives the younger ones some ideas and assistance from the older children, and gives the older children a chance to mentor and guide the younger ones. This creates a lovely cycle of being nurtured and then stepping up to inspire others.

A bit about me…

I grew up in Sydney, studied Early Childhood Teaching at Macquarie University and have been teaching 3-5 year olds for over 15 years. I have taught in pre schools, international schools, prep and long day care. I have seen many changes to curriculum and fashion in early education but the fundamentals have remained the same. My career has been based around nurturing and guiding young people to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes for starting school and for life long learning.

I am new to Newcastle but I have family here and am looking forward to settling in.

We have been interested in castle play, new cars in the block area, playing teachers and pets and box construction. We have begun reusing and recycling at lunch time and the Rumpus Kings have been enthusiastically trying to sort their waste into compost, rubbish and reusable items for craft.  We will be exploring this topic further over the coming weeks.


We have introduced the Letterland program and will be focusing on one character/sound a week. I have used this program for years and children relate to it well. This week we will be looking at ‘sammy snake’ and then ‘Annie apple’.


Each character has a story and a song connected to it which we will explore. If you would like to send in items that start with the week’s sound each week, we will share these during group time and display them in the Letterland area. Look out for our poster displaying our character of the week.


We have a fantastic bunch of Rumpus Kings this year and we are really looking forward to our learning journey together.