01 Sep

It’s been a wonderful month in the Rumpus King room. With school transitions getting close we have recently had our school readiness evening. We would love to hear your feedback on how you feel the evening was, if you found it informative and helpful and any improvements for next year.
Extending on the children’s excitement In going to school we have created a teachers dramatic play area with school clothing and have been talking about school uniforms, reading books and having discussion about what school entails. Through our school transitioning interest the children are participating in a number of experiences from creative name writing, threading, one to one correspondence activities, number recognition games, beading activities, writing with mixed media etc.
We are currently up to the letter Y in letter land, with only two more weeks left of the program we will be revising what the children have learnt and continue to explore literacy through planned and spontaneous activities and play. We will be moving onto numeracy groupings in place of our letterland group.
Our current interest over the last month has been birds. The children have been observing a plover family watching its baby and have been very interested in nests. Exploring this further we have been looking into different types of birds, what a birds nest is made of, making our own birds nests, and doing lots of bird watching. We made some bird feeders to encourage birds for birdwatching and read lots of stories about different types of birds.

We currently have a university student completing her internship in The Rumpus King room, Miss Nicki who we will with us for the next three weeks. Be sure to say Hello.

It was book week last week! It was wonderful to see all the children and educators getting into the spirit of book week! So many great costumes! Through book week we wrote our own stories, created our favourite book title pages, explored what a story is, what characters are and have been doing lots of drama acting out some of our favourite stories as plays this has developed the children’s understanding of the purpose of stories, developed the children’s understanding of characters, different roles, and their confidence and self esteem.
The Rumpus Kings staff 🙂