21 May

So far this year our Tumbling Tides friends have been very busy! We started the year getting to know each other and talking about our favourite things, we have discovered that many of our friends really love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Peppa Pig! The children have settled into the room very well and started to develop some lovely friendships.

We started our year with Colour Week! The children dressed up in all sorts of colours including their favourite on the Friday, this transferred into all aspects of our program – science experiments, colour mixing, artistic experiences and even learning ‘Colours of the Rainbow’ in sign language.

During the summer months we watched our sunflowers grow, they have provided us with many opportunities to extend our knowledge and understanding of the growing cycle. We have watched the flowers open, harvested the seeds to use for art experiences and looked at them closely with our magnifying glasses. The children especially loved watching the cockatoos eat the flowers when they died. They have also used the flowers for inspirations whilst painting and used the seeds for cooking in the mud kitchen and sandpit. There has been lots of discussions during this time about seeds and what they need to grow as well as the different parts of flowers.

We had a visit from Sporty Kids at the end of February and another one in May. Dave and Simon brought lots of balls and nets and taught us how to play all sorts of different sports, such as basketball, soccer, bowling and football. The children really enjoyed this experience and loved taking turns at all the different games. It is important for children to be experiencing low, moderate and vigorous exercise throughout the day and this has given them a great stepping stone to learn, experience and enjoy a wide range of sports.

We spent much of the start of this year preparing for our Easter concert, Richard has spent many afternoons visiting us and teaching us lots of songs on his guitar. We all got to have a turn playing the ukuleles, percussion instruments and bells. We learnt a song in Maori that the children have really loved practicing, we sang it at the concert and the children sounded wonderful!!!

In more recent times the children have been very interested in insects, they have been searching our gardens for all sorts of bugs and have found grasshoppers, snails, caterpillars, ladybugs and slaters. They have been helping one another to find them and looking very closely at them using magnifying glasses. We have extended upon this interest by reading many stories about bugs, painting insects, searching for different bugs in a sensory tub and pretending to be different insects for our transitions.

As part of our insect project the children have become very interest in bees – we’ve been talking about how they get the honey, where they live, what they look like, the bee hive and the queen bee inside – we have learnt that the queen bee spends all day laying eggs somewhere special until they grow up. The children have also engaged in an taste test experience with honey, they all got to taste a bit of honey while we talked about how the bees make it and then we made our own honey sandwiches! The children got to spread the honey onto their sandwiches and we had them for afternoon tea. We have also been creating our own bees using collage materials from the art cupboard, the children helped to decided what we would use and they looked at some pictures to assist them in making their very own buzzy bee.

During the month of April, in the lead up to Earth Day we have been talking about how to look after our planet. The children decided it is most important to put our rubbish in the bin so the animals don’t eat it, they even helped to make some new signs for our bins to make sure our rubbish goes into the right one. Another great way to look after our planet is to give our food scraps to the chickens, the children are always helping each other to make sure the right sort of rubbish goes into the scrap tubs because the chickens can’t eat plastic!

We have welcomed two more chickens to our Rumpus family this year as Betty the rooster had to find a new home. We now have four chickens and hopefully none of them turn into roosters 😄 . The white chickens name is Snow White and we have another black chicken whose name is Violet, the children helped to think of these names and love feeding them grass and our food scraps.

We have loved getting to know you all and cannot wait to further develop our relationships with you and your children. Please feel free to chat to us at anytime!

Miss Jess, Miss Maeghan and Miss Lauren