02 Sep

What a busy couple of months we have had in the Tumbling Tides room! We have welcomed some new friends up from Mischief Mountainas well as some brand new ones! They have all settled very well into our room. The children have all begun to develop some strong friendships which are lovely to see. They have all become comfortable in the room environment which has allowed for them to start to build these connections with their peers.

We have had a range of visitors – from the police to the SES – come to see us in the past few months. The children thoroughly enjoy when members of our community come as they learn about certain careers and are able to learn more about different aspects of life.

During the police visit we learnt that police are here to help us, if we get lost we can find a police officer and they will help us find our Mums and Dads. We also got to try on their hats and uniforms!

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Throughout the month of June the children were very busy writing letters to one another, so we organised for Michael the postie to come and collect some letters we had written to our Mums and Dads. He told us where the letters went after we posted them and we even got to have a turn at beeping his horn.

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After the April storms the children were very interested in how the trees had fallen over and been chopped up to move off roads and houses. Many of the children had seen trees in their own gardens and streets fall over. A man from the SES came to see us and showed us all of the special tools that were used to cut down the trees and told us how to keep safe in a storm.

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We also had a visit from Little Kickers, we got to play lots of games and learn about how to kick. The children had to pretend to glue their feet onto the balls, they also got to make some ice cream cones with a ball and cone. We saw some great big kicks too!

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We have gotten a new painting easel in our classroom and have been exploring painting on a range of different surfaces – such as polystyrene, tissue paper, material, bark and cardboard. The children explored how each type of medium was different when the paint was applied, some of them absorbed the paint (bark) while others only needed a little paint (tissue paper). This exploration allowed children to learn about properties of different materials.

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You may have noticed that the children are spending some more time outside. After attending some professional development we have learnt that children need to be provided with as much uninterrupted time to explore and play as possible and they when this time is provided outside children are able to develop a range of different skills – such as social skills, communication and vocabulary, mathematical/scientific concepts, motor skills, decision skills, appreciation for the environment, spatial awareness and many, many more! We have noticed since introducing this into our program that the children’s interactions and engagement have increased massively! They are gaining so much from this time outside with their peers.

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We recently introduced a face painting interest area to our room which the children have thoroughly been enjoying. They have been using their creative skills to think of different patterns to give to their friends and this has allowed them to manipulate equipment in a safe way, as children are required to be very gentle when applying the (pretend) face paint.


As our chickens have been laying so many eggs Miss Maeghan has been doing lots of cooking experiences with the children. They love being able to assist in the creation of something and then enjoy it for morning or afternoon tea. We have made pancakes, egg and cheese sandwiches, sushi, chicken pasta and banana and apple muffins. The children are gaining many skills throughout these experiences – such as scientific and mathematical concepts (measurement, data collection, predictions and observations etc.).

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We have just celebrated Book Week which was lots of fun! There were lots of amazing costumes from the children’s (and teachers) favourite books. We spoke about how a book is written, the different parts of books and even wrote our own story that included everyone in their costumes.

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As the Tumbling Tides educators we are so honoured that you entrust your children to us, we love how much character they all have and are constantly amazed by their interests, abilities and skills. Please feel free to contact us as anytime, with any questions (or just to see how they are doing) via email, phone or in person. We are always ready for a chat!


Miss Jess, Miss Maeghan and Miss Lauren