15 Oct

The month of September has been another lovely one for us in the Tumbling Tides room! We’ve had another month of birthdays and have loved celebrating with everyone and hearing about what the children have gotten for their special days. Crazy hair week was a massive hit! The crazy creativity of our friends and parents was great to see. Our Stuck project is still going strong. We have been making small boat and big boats, orang-utans and houses to stick in the tree. Our friends have also been playing games like Ship to Shore and Cheeky Monkey to get our little legs moving.

The newest additions to the Rumpus Room family are our three chickens: Fluffy, Scratchy and Betty. Tumbling Tides are taking great care of them by feeding them our morning and afternoon tea scraps which helps reduce food wastage and helping to fill up their water. Our chickens are very cuddly and we have become experts at using our gentle hands to pat and hold them.

We’ve also been talking a lot about staying healthy. The children have been talking about what healthy foods and junk foods are, this has sparked many a conversation during lunch about¬†what the children have in their lunch box and if it is healthy or not. We have been talking about the importance of eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, yoghurt and other diary products to help out bones stay strong, eating meat and grains to help us grow up big and strong!

A healthy lunch keeps active kids alert and focused and gives them the nutrition they need every day. But no matter how healthy your child’s lunch box is, it won’t provide any nutritional value if it doesn’t get eaten.

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