11 Dec

In the Tumbling Tides room we have been very busy having lots of fun!! We have wrapped up our ‘Stuck’ project by filling our tree to overflowing with some beautiful crafts! The children thoroughly enjoyed seeing their own creations being added to the tree and loved being able to read the story and recognise each object in our own tree.

We have been becoming a more sustainable room and centre by recycling our paper and plastic as well as giving our scraps to our chickens, Betty, Scratchy and Fluffy, who have become a very popular addition to our centre. The children really enjoy visiting the chickens, feeding them all of their leftover food scraps and picking nice green grass to feed them through the fence.


We have also been planting some more plants in our garden. The children love helping to dig the holes and place the seeds, vegetables or flowers in. With the weather warming up we’ve been watering our garden nearly every day and the children are always very keen to helping with their watering cans. We believe it is very important for the children to be part of looking after our environment through watering our garden, recycling or giving their scraps to the chickens as it helps them learn about why we care for it and what happens if we don’t.

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At the beginning of October we had a Teddy Bears picnic where the children got to bring in their favourite teddy or toy and show all their friends. We sang teddy bear songs, ate some teddy bear toast for morning tea and did some teddy bear craft. We even spoke about why we loved our teddy bears, what a lovely day it was!

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We had a new project about space, our friend Isabella Fitzpatrick brought in some photos of the eclipse that happened a while ago for her news. The children were so interested and were discussing with one another, asking questions and talking about the moon. This has lead to an exciting exploration of stars, planets, rockets, the sun and the moon, our friends have really enjoyed dressing up as astronauts in our interest area and flying off to space in our rocket. We have also decorated planets and stars, done experiments about stars and rockets, written a story about space and even visited the moon to see aliens!!

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As part of our space project we have been developing our scissor skills. This fine-motor skill requires much concentration and the children have been practicing very hard! We painted some planets and then cut them out to stick onto a starry night sky. We have to be very careful when we use scissors because they are very sharp but the children always make sure they are being safe!

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Although our Tumbling Tides friends aren’t going to school next year many of them have been practicing writing their names. We created some space rockets which the children wrote their name on, many of them doing an excellent job! This is a difficult skill to master but they have been practicing during free play and whenever there are paper and pencils around! If you would like to practice this exciting learning milestone at home here are some helpful hints,

– when writing their name only use capital letters at the start of their name

– try to discourage other family members from writing the whole name in capitals

– praise all efforts your child makes, even if it is not recognisable

– show your child how to hold their pencil

– encourage them to sit up straight, with their feet flat on the floor and back straight in the chair

We are so impressed by the children’s efforts and you should be immensely proud that they are having a go!


We will be building upon these skills and many others over the coming weeks and into the new year. Those who are moving up to the Rumpus Kings with Miss Claire and Miss Alice will do so through the school readiness program while those staying in Tumbling Tides with Miss Jess will be able to build them through a variety of integrated activities.

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Thank you again for being so supportive of us as your child’s educators and having such lovely children! If you ever wish to discuss your child with us you can email us, call us or chat to us during pick up and drop off times.

Jess, Alice and Ash