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Rumpus room

The home of imagination in early childhood

Creativity & imagination

From the owners

At The Rumpus Room, we believe that a children’s centre should support all the essential values of the home, and provide the additional benefits of socialisation and more formal learning from trained staff.

We highly value the imagination of a child and want to give children as many opportunities to be wild in their imaginations. Children are encouraged to use their imaginations to create adventure, to explore their world and to make great friends through effective group activities and play.

We hope we get to share some of your child’s most formative years.

— Lea & Richard

Our philosophy

Stimulating environments

Our environments are carefully designed to be intrinsically stimulating and engaging, creating an atmosphere conducive to both spontaneous and planned learning. We are very particular about the careful use of colour, music, furnishings, lighting, pictures and other images to create indoor and outdoor spaces that evoke desirable emotions where each child feels relaxed, safe, energised and engaged.

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Pelican centre

Our mission

To create and continuously improve centres that delight children, impress parents and inspire staff.

Our core values


World view

Our belief in God shapes the way we view the world


Harmony in relationships

We live to bring out the best in each other


Environments that inspire

We believe beautiful spaces promote wellbeing and creativity


Creative & critical thinking

We elevate innovation and reflective thinking



We love inspiring our staff to excellence
Richard & Lea - Owners

From Richard & lea

“Our dream has always been to develop learning centres of beauty and excellence. To create an environment focused around children in their formative years, where each day brings learning experiences through self-discovery and shared adventures. Places children can’t wait to come to each day because they cater for all their interests and needs, from babies through to school transition.

We have worked in early childhood for well over 40 years, and continue to advocate for excellence in the industry, always striving to innovate and improve the service we offer to children and their families.”

Our centres

We have six enchanting children’s centres offering care, early education and preschool programs for 0 to 5 year-olds. Each centre has its own unique expression, all united in their ability to set childhood imagination ablaze, delight parents and families, and bring passion and inspiration to staff.

123 Chatham St, Broadmeadow

Chatham st centre

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90 Darling St, Broadmeadow

Darling st centre

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4 Karoburra St, Pelican

Pelican centre

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2A Reid Street, Marks Point

Marks Point centre

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4 St Albans Close, Charlestown

Charlestown centre

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5 Rosegum Rd, Warabrook

Warabrook centre

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Creating the foundations for school, life and unlimited lifelong learning happen from birth, so we ensure that there is a continuum of learning from the nursery to the pre-school rooms.

Well-prepared, interesting and age-appropriate programs foster spontaneous engagement from children, focusing their attention on positive activities that encourage learning.

Early learning
Australia (ELLA)

ELLA is a digital, play-based language learning platform for pre-schoolers.

Science, tech, engineering & maths (STEM)

Children are learning to ask “good” questions and seek out answers through experimentation and investigation.

Outdoor play
And exploration

With massive outdoor spaces and a dedicated outdoor educators children are involved in gardening, caring for animals, sports, and a range of physical activities.


Our highly experienced art teachers guide children to awesome levels of unique artistic creativity and skill. Creativity and innovation are vital skills to foster into adulthood in this century.

Transition to school

We seamlessly integrate our educational content into the care setting, ensuring children receive educational preparation for school, while giving parents the flexibility of extended hours.


How do I enrol my child?

To be added to our waiting list, please complete an application form here. We will contact you if we have are able to confirm a position is/will be available for the requested start date.

Please note that each Centre has a separate waiting list. Ensure to complete an entry for each Centre you are interested in using the drop down menu.
When a place becomes available for your child, you will be contacted with an offer of enrolment.

Can I Book a Tour?

We encourage families considering sending their children to The Rumpus Room to come visit us. This gives you the chance to see the centre in person, imagine your child here and ask any questions you may have.

We are here to help you make the best decision for your child.

CONTACT US to arrange a visit.


The Child Care Subsidy is a payment made by the government to help families cover childcare fees. We recommend visiting Centrelink to find out more on Child Care Subsidy and how you can apply to reduce your child’s daily fees. You can find out more by clicking here.


Approved Service Providers are governed by National Law and National Regulation standards and you can view this link for more information https://www.acecqa.gov.au/nqf/national-law-regulations

Will I need to provide lunch for my child at The Rumpus Room?

Yes, the Rumpus Room is a lunchbox centre. We encourage parents to provide a variety of healthy foods for their lunches each day to supplement morning and afternoon tea, which is provided by the centre. We aim to provide a serve of fruit and vegetables for every child each day, sometimes even from our own garden! In providing fruit and vegetables to the children each day, we are helping them to develop a foundation for future healthy eating.

We ask parents to join along with healthy snacks, sandwiches, and easy to eat meals that can be enjoyed by children while eating with their peers.

Each room has a different approach to mealtimes, and we encourage families to reach out to discuss how to best support their children as they transition into care and from room to room.

Where can I find each centre’s policies?

All policies for each of The Rumpus Room Centres are available to view and download via the following links:

Chatham Street
Darling Street
Marks Point

If you have any questions about our policies, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your centre.