Early Language Learning Australia (E.L.L.A.) We are involved in ELLA because it is an evidenced based program that inspires children to be interested in a new language and culture at a time when their brains are well able to handle this learning. We are excited as we watch our 4 year olds teaching other educators to count to 10 in French. The interactive apps introduce the children through very short sessions, to cultures beyond their own experiences and help them to see themselves as citizens of the world.


Our educators facilitate opportunities for children to problem-solve, create, improve and investigate as we develop their thinking skills in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.). Children are learning to ask “good” questions and seek out answers through experimentation and investigation rather than only using the internet.


With massive outdoor spaces and a dedicated outdoor educator we have a goal to grow 10% of the food we consume for morning and afternoon tea. The children are actively involved in every stage from planting to harvesting as well as soil preparation though worm farms and composting. They care for the Centre’s animals such as chickens or guinea pigs. We have produced our first published book about our gardening experiences.


With a qualified and highly experienced art teacher, children are guided to awesome levels of unique artistic creativity and artistic skill. Creativity and innovation are vital skills to foster into adulthood in this century.


We use the NSW Education Literacy Continuum to ensure that our children have had the opportunity to achieve the 1st cluster of skills in each of the following areas:- Aspects of Speaking, Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Concepts about Print, Reading Texts, Comprehension, Vocabulary Knowledge, and Aspects of Writing. We have a borrowing library for our Rumpus Kings and planned opportunities for speaking in front of the class.

Block Play

We have an amazing outdoor undercover block area where children can explore, at a concrete level many mathematical concepts, while interacting with others and working collaboratively to create masterpieces of civil engineering and architecture.

Sensory Regulation

Our educators are trained to help children with their sensory processing so they can take in messages, interpret them appropriately and organise a purposeful response. Again based on research, this Occupational Therapy approach means we can help a child to do activities that best prepare them (organise their nervous system) for optimum attention to tasks such as puzzles, table activities, sitting still in a group or speaking to the group etc. some sensory regulating activities are scheduled while others are embedded in our daily practice.

Transition to School

We seamlessly integrate our educational content into the care setting, ensuring children, in the years before school, receive the educational preparation they need for school, while giving parents the flexibility of extended hours.