The first day at a new centre can be a tad intimidating with all the new friends to meet and rooms to explore.

The below video provides a glimpse to help you and your child get ready to join us for your first day, and many more days filled with fun and adventure.


Preparing for the First Day

1. Pop in for as many visits as you are able to prior to commencement and again in the first few weeks. We encourage you, if possible, to come in for an hour or so to allow your child time to familiarise themselves with the staff and centre, with the comfort of knowing you are there. This can help children to settle in once they have started and allows you to observe the educators in action thus building your trust in their ability to provide excellent quality care and education for your child.

2. Inform Centrelink that your child is starting in care and speak with them about your Child Care Subsidy entitlements. You can do this really easily through your online My Gov account or by calling the department on 136 150.

3. Label your child’s backpack, water bottle, hat and any other items they will bring along.

4. Ensure you have completed your child’s online enrolment application form in full and uploaded a copy of the Medicare Immunisation Statement.

On the First Day

1. One of our friendly staff will meet you in the foyer, show you to the appropriate room and introduce you to the staff in this room.

2. Sign your child in on the iPad in the foyer

3. Place their bag in the locker, lunch in the fridge and drink bottle in the tray.

4. Allow your child to go play. Some children will need their parent to stay until they settle in, others settle best with a quick farewell – you will know your child best!

5. Say goodbye and reassure them you will be back at the end of the day.

You are more than welcome to call, email or send us a text message throughout the day to check on how your child is going.

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