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Six enchanting children's centres offering care, early education and preschool programs for 0 to 5 year-olds.

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Our mission

Centres that delight children, impress parents and inspire staff.

We introduce Children to the realm of art, of music, of animals and nature. We help them to sing and dance, to play sports, to care for their environment and discover the world around them. As early childhood teachers, we combine our passions to present children with life in all of its fullness.

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Pelican centre

Let the wild
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We would love to show you around one of our exquisite child care centres and introduce you to our wonderful staff.

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Pelican centre

The carers are friendly and show so much love towards the kids, it feels like a second family & home, which makes it so easy to send my daughter to. I wouldn't want her to go anywhere else.

- Kristy, , Pelican Centre

This is an early education centre with heart. The educators are all kind, caring and exceptional people. They know our children as much as we do.
The Rumpus Room has been an extension of our family. How lucky I feel my children are to have experienced the BEST centre in Newcastle.

- Andrea, Chatham St Centre

Everyone is always lovely & welcoming. My son's interests are recognised and further learning is encouraged. The coffee in the morning is a huge bonus. Most importantly - my son is happy to go, and I can see how safe he feels, which means the most to me. Cannot thank you all enough for what you do!

- Sarah, Pelican Centre

Our son has thrived at The Rumpus Room. The genuine care coupled with an amazing array of activities has truly given him the best possible start in life!

- Chelsea, Darling St Centre

My daughter is extremely happy & thriving in the care of your educators. The centre has a beautiful feel the minute you walk through the door. All the staff are extremely accommodating, compassionate and make my child feel safe. I absolutely adore your centre.

- Kylie, Pelican Centre

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