02 Sep

There has been lots happening in the nursery with lots of new children arriving and settling into the room. We have welcomed Sadie, Indi, Indiahna, Olive, Max, Oliver and Tom who are all getting to know their new friends and carers, the younger babies have enjoyed exploring the room and having tummy time which is great for their core muscles and support.

Many of our nursery children had already turned two so have moved up to the Mischief Mountain room, Emily moved up there with them to assist in their transition. In the nursery we now have Sam Hayley and our new trainee Georgi.

Our beautiful Dani has now finished her 12 month traineeship and is staying on as a regular casual employee at the centre, we will miss her smiley face very much in the nursery room.

Over the last few months we have had lots going on, in July we celebrated NAIDOC week by Wilaaran’s mum and dad volunteering their time to come in and read dreamtime stories to the children and Joel brought in his didgeridoo and played it for us. We made damper and painted our recycled containers with earthy colours turning them into drums for the children to use their clap sticks on.

The children have been exploring sensory play by doing finger painting, this is a great opportunity for sensory awareness and exploration. Some children were a bit reluctant to put their hands in the paint where others participated straight away. This experience is a great activity also for fine motor ability.

We look forward to the rest of the year and the exciting events and experiences we have planned throughout the centre.

If you have any questions regarding your child please don’t hesitate coming and

speaking to either Sam or Hayley in the nursery.

Thanks, Sam, Hayley, and Georgi