01 Sep

Hi Everyone,

We trust your year has been happy and prosperous. Lea and I both have a deep passion for children and are engaging regularly in a range of endeavours that address best practice when it comes to children’s optimum care, development and learning.

We both enjoy engaging with children at a personal level to listen to what they’re saying or sense what they’re feeling, and to ensure that they receive the very best environment for nurture, security and exploration of their interests.

You’d be encouraged to know that the Early Childhood profession takes quality improvement very seriously and have embedded in National Law a mandated Quality Improvement Plan for every children’s service across the country. This is an attempt to ensure that every Australian child in a centre such as ours receives quality care and education across 6 quality areas. Lea, Ella and I along with our fabulous Rumpus team are constantly exploring ways to improve the service we provide.

We recently visited the Mia Mia Centre at the Macquarie University as it has been intentionally designed and managed as a demonstration centre. This centre has been recognised as an Australia-wide leader in best practice when it comes to engaging children. We are constantly reflecting on our current practice at The Rumpus Room to ensure that we provide the very best environments and programs so that the needs of each of our children are catered for.

Our new centre in Chatham St is progressing nicely and we still hope to have it open around late-September. We will keep you all posted on progress and you will be most welcome to come in for a visit once we open. Ella, our Director, will be directing both centres to ensure that the same fabulous culture that has been established in our Darling St centre is preserved as we open our new one.

We will be working off the one waiting list for enrolments so if you have been waiting for additional days, Ella or Chelsea may be in touch to offer you something if they haven’t already.

Can we also direct you to our website, to the ‘Parent’ tab? If you haven’t seen it yet, have a look then at the ‘Your First Day’ tab and video clip. Chelsea and her husband Aemon pulled together a talented team of graphic artists and video editors to create this very cute video clip featuring one of our 4 year-olds from last year, Imogen Lyne. Didn’t she do a fantastic job?

Thank you again for the trust and confidence you place in us and our Rumpus team to care for your children. I hope we have conveyed how seriously we take this responsibility, and how committed we are to providing the best place for your children each and every day.

Richard and Lea