07 Mar

Hello and a big welcome to all the new families in The Rumpus King Room!

We have had a wonderful start to the year and have really enjoyed getting to know the families and children so far! Over the last month we have been learning all about how the Rumpus King room works, discussing room rules, room jobs and what happens in the Rumpus King room.

To help us to get to know the children and their families the children have been involved in a variety of activities such as; discussions about their interests, families, drawing family portraits and self-portraits, discussions on friendships and learning how to be a good friend. We have been reading a variety of texts to help the children’s understanding in these areas.  We feel these activities have contributed to the children’s sense of being, belonging and becoming in The Rumpus King Room so far.

Some other areas of interest over the last month stemming from the children’s ideas and interests are, learning about reptiles, exploring magnets in a variety of ways – through ice, sand, water, and a variety of manipulative magnetic resources. Learning about recycling and being sustainable.

This month we have been exploring colours for colour week and we have begun our letter land program starting with the first letter land character ‘Annie Apple’. If you have any questions about letterland, how it works or what it involves please do not hesitate to talk to The Rumpus King staff. We have also been practising name writing on some laminated name cards, all parents should have received a name card to assist with further practising at home if you wish.  Please let The Rumpus Room staff know if you need one or another one.

If you have not added a family photo to our family tree in The Rumpus King room we would love to add your photo.

If you have any old clothes your child no longer wears, we are in need of some more spare clothes in preschool sizes and we will happily take them off your hands.

Have a lovely day!

Miss Claire and Miss Alice