03 Sep

In the Rumpus King room this month we continued learning about sustainability, we had a visit from the council to teach the children about recycling, learning; where rubbish goes, how it gets recycled and the importance of recycling. We have been doing a lot of sustainable art and activities using recycled materials. One of the children’s favourites being number and alphabet rocks that were made using rocks collected from the beach, the children have been using these in multiple ways. Putting them in order, using them with play dough and concrete materials to count and match items to numbers.

The children have been very interested in stories, really enjoying books, we explored what a book has such as; a title,  cover, title page, spine etc. The purpose of a book, what an author and illustrator is and what a book needs to engage and audience such as; characters, a complication and a resolution, we then practised our pre-literacy skills and created and illustrated our very own stories.

We are currently learning about the healthy food pyramid talking about sometimes and always foods.  We set up a fruit and vegetable shop in the dramatic play area where the children have been exploring roles of a shop keeper/worker and customers, different fruit and vegetables, and exploring Australian currency. We are also learning about spiders stemming from a big interests in the creepy crawlies.. Be sure to check out our spider interest area and all the plastic spiders we have been exploring with magnify glasses.

We got a new chicken coop in our outdoor area! The children are very excited to get chickens soon! We are thinking about getting some Isa brown chickens and can’t wait to collect eggs!and hold the chickens!

It is almost Father’s Day we wish all the Dads a very happy Father’s Day! We hope to see you at the Father’s Day afternoon tea!

The Rumpus King staff 🙂

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