21 May

Hello from The Rumpus Kings! Over the past month we have been involved in loads of fun and learning through play.

Extending on an interest in Volcanoes we have been learning about volcanoes. Through research and experiments we have looked into why we get volcanoes and the elements to a volcano.

Extending on the children’s interest and the recent storms (blackouts) in our community we have been talking about electricity. Exploring how we get power into our homes, what runs on power and what we can do to save power. We had a visitor to help us with our understanding, Koby and Ella Burrows Dad, Brad came into the Rumpus King room to talk about his job in the coal mines with the children. Through pictures and discussion we learnt where coal comes from, how coal gets from the mines to the power plant and from the power plant to our homes. The
children were very interested in seeing pictures of the big trucks in the photos and seeing first hand what coal looks like through real life fossils. Extending on this interest through play the children have been exploring big trucks/machinery in our construction dramatic play area.

We are currently up to the letter J in our letter program – letterland. The children have been very engaged in letterland enjoying crafts and linking activities with our letterland stories and
songs. During free play the children have been very excited to explore letterland further through looking through the letterland book whilst listening to the letterland songs and playing teachers with the letterland book.

Currently extending on an interest in our Solar System we are looking at the different planets, the moon and sun in our solar system. If you have any books or resources you can share with us we would love to hear from you 🙂

Claire, Alice and Tayla