10 Mar

The Tumbling Tides are having a beautiful time settling back into school this year. The TT staff are enjoying watching the Tumbling Tides form friendships and watching these relationships blossom.

This year we are learning the alphabet and are focussing on a new letter each week; this week we are learning about the letter E!

Linking with the outdoor program, we have been reading ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds. We are learning about colours, expanding our interest and knowledge.

The Tumbling Tides are also big fans of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’, who often pays us a visit during morning group times. We have learnt a lot about caterpillars, cocoons, and butterflies, researching the lifecycle, engaging in various crafts, and creating some beautiful artworks.

TT stands for Tumbling Tides however, as many of you will be aware, it also stands for Toilet Training! We are so excited that many of the Tumbling Tides are currently embarking on this exciting journey, and are so appreciative of your support and understanding during this time as we sort through the black hole full of dirty laundry!

Thank you so much to all of the Tumbling Tides and their beautiful parents for an amazing start to the year and we feel so blessed to be sharing the rest of 2016 with you!

Niki, Tayla-May, Lauren, and Tara